Sunday Times (April 2014)

5 gifs per Harry Potter Movie - Chamber of Secrets 3/5

“Noah” Madrid Premiere (March, 17)

 ”We had a great relationship. We did Viennese waltz lessons every Sunday to take us away from the brutality of what we were doing on set.  And then we would go and have a cup of tea, and one day we went and had a steak and a bottle of wine and then ended up at the Russian teahouse and had some caviar and vodka.”-Russel Crowe about Emma.


"There have been times when other people thought that they knew what was better for me, and that the better for me was not to think. But I'm not a rebel. I usually do what I'm told, if anything I try to negotiate. I'm ready to fight for my rights, but I don't think it is worth playing the role of the teenager who wants to rebel against the world. I don't like it. It's overused."

Emma Watson - Noah UK Premiere - 31 March 2014